Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation in Lynchburg, VA

If you’re looking for a non-fiberglass alternative for your insulation needs, cellulose insulation may be the right choice. With so many benefits and an affordable price point, cellulose is ideal to blow into open attics and dense pack into closed walls. Toler Insulating installs dry cellulose insulation and stabilized cellulose insulation.

Cellulose insulation is manufactured from recycled newspapers and other paper products such as cardboard and office paper. During manufacturing the paper is treated with a fire retardant so it will not actively catch fire if exposed to flame. Cellulose insulation comes as loose-fill insulation. During installation, a blowing machine is used to blow the material into attics or dense pack the material into closed wall cavities.

Cellulose insulation is ideal for adding insulation to closed walls. By creating access points in the wall, loose-fill cellulose insulation can be dense packed into the wall to add R-value and reduce sound transfer.

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