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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the best insulation products in the insulation industry. This includes spray foam — both open cell half-pound foam and closed cell two-pound foam — along with Polymasters block fill foam. We also offer other quality insulation products such as BIBS Blow-In-Blanket System, fiberglass blown, fiberglass batts and cellulose blown for attics and walls on existing homes.

Spray foam insulation is a two-in-one home insulation and air sealing solution that can help homes and businesses increase comfort and reduce energy consumption.

When it comes to installing fiberglass insulation, we trust the innovative products from industry leader Owens Corning. Toler Insulating is an Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert®.

There are more insulating and air sealing products on the market today than ever before. While each product is effective in its own way, we know and use the best products to get your job or project done right.

Our Rubbermaid closet organizers are professionally designed with our closet design tool in a variety of attractive styles and finishes. 

We offer custom shower doors and installation to meet your bathroom design needs. We can help transform your shower into a space you love!

Toler Insulating is an Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert®

As an Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert®, we have been extensively trained by the manufacturer on how to properly install the products for maximum efficiency. Plus, we are able to offer both a limited lifetime warranty on qualifying products and an industry-exclusive 10-year limited warranty* on workmanship. Watch this video to learn more. 

A Soldier's Child

Since losing his dad at age 13, Wayne has strong memories of the two men who went out of their way to make him feel special. “One took me trout fishing and the other skeet shooting,” he said. “You can’t imagine how someone taking a few moments of their time to spend with you can make an impact on the rest of your life.”

5 Priority Air Sealing Locations for New Homes

As states adopt new, more stringent home energy efficiency codes, builders must ensure new homes are properly air sealed. However, not all joints and openings contribute equally to air leakage. With so much area to air seal, are there places you should prioritize? Builder Eddie Fort of PD&M Inc. General Contractors and Wayne Toler of Toler Insulation review the five strategic priorities for air sealing in new homes in this video. 

About Toler Insulating

Over 25 years of experience

We are a locally owned and operated business. We have served Lynchburg as well as all of Central Virginia since 1994 covering about a 75-mile radius of the residential projects.


Toler Insulating is BPI certified along with Virginia State licensed to do Energy Analysis. We are RESNET energy smart contractors. We also employ RESNET HERS Raters. Toler Insulating Company is an Owens Corning Certified Energy Expert and our installers have all been through the extensive training which allows our company to offer our customers a 10-Year Warranty. Toler Insulating is also an Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) contractor, which is the most stringent certification to obtain in the business. Our insulation installers are licensed in both spray polyurethane foam and fluid-applied air barriers and water barriers. Toler Insulating is one of seven commercial certified insulating contractors in the United States of America.

High Standards

We have acquired national standards, training, professional certification, company accreditation and quality assurance programs.

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