Certified Energy Expert

Toler Insulating is proud to be your local Certified Energy Expert®

In order to qualify for the Certified Energy Expert® program, we have successfully met a rigorous checklist of high standards that include:

  • Dedication to outstanding insulation industry standards and practices
  • Carrying all required state and local licenses
  • Being in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Completion of extensive industry training provided by Owens Corning
  • Utilizing comprehensive energy strategies and solutions for lasting efficiency
  • Using dependable, innovative products from Owens Corning


Working with a Certified Energy Expert® offers a host of benefits such as:


The Owens Corning CEE Limited Warranty* is exclusively offered by Owens CorningTM Certified Energy Experts® and provides peace of mind by covering the qualifying product plus installation — with a limited lifetime warranty on the product and an exclusive 10-year limited warranty* on workmanship. It’s a smart way to help protect your investment for years to come.


You’ll feel comfortable with products from Owens Corning. Outstanding insulation products from an industry leader help keep your indoor temperatures consistent all year round.


When a Toler Insulating certified expert installs the right insulation products for the right job, you’ll see the savings. In fact, most homes average a 15% reduction** in their heating and cooling bills.


We are trained by Owens Corning Insulating Systems to identify energy loss problems, create just the right insulation strategy for maximized efficiency and expertly install solutions that last.

Give us a call at 434-239-8590 or request a proposal to discuss your insulating needs.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements. Ten (10) years from date of installation by an Owens CorningTM Certified Energy Expert®.

**Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-Values. Higher R-Values mean greater insulating power. https://www.energystar.gov/campaign/seal_insulate/methodology

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Man installing fiberglass batt insulation in ceiling.
Man installing fiberglass batt insulation in wall cavity