Tank-Fill Solutions


PolyMaster R-501 TF is the preferred material for filling heating oil tanks, underground storage tanks, and septic tanks. Measured against PolyMaster R-501 TF, the alternatives are outdated and inefficient. PolyMaster R-501 TF delivers excellent value, costing appreciably less than slurry. All things considered, we wonder why anyone would use anything other than PolyMaster R-501 TF.


PolyMaster R-501 TF takes less time to install than alternatives.

  • Benefit – more cost efficient.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF requires no open excavations

    during installation.

  • Benefit – danger is reduced, safety is maximized.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF is pre-expanded.

  • Benefit – little or no risk of tank stress.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF fills tanks through their ports.

  • Benefit – no site disruption during installation.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF weighs far less than other fill materials.

  • Benefit – PolyMaster-filled tanks are easier to remove if necessary.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF is dry when shipped.

  • Benefits – one-year shelf life. product is always fresh and reliable.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF is a globally green product with no CFC’s.

  • Benefits – biodegradable, dermatologically safe, acceptable worldwide.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF is made from an aminoplast, tri-polymer, kiln-dried resin.

  • Benefits – odorless, lowest shrinkage rate in the industry.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF is a third-generation product.

  • Benefit – 20 years of proven performance and product improvements ensure remarkable value.
  • PolyMaster R-501 TF’s adaptability and reliability ensure quick, clean installation.

  • Benefit – job is done right the first time.