Block-Fill Solutions


PolyMaster R-501 is the ideal insulation for concrete block. By top fill, side fill, or “pressure fill.” It can be installed in 10-foot to 16-foot lifts during construction. Blocks are easily filled in either running or stacked configurations. Pressure-fill applications require only 5/8″ holes drilled directly into masonry. Pre-expanded PolyMaster foam flows into and fills cavities, up to 12 feet vertically from the insertion hole. Pressure filling generates a complete fill of the core and head joints, since the foam moves unrestricted throughout the block wall.




PolyMaster R-501 is pre-expanded

  • Benefit – little or no risk of cavity stress.

  • PolyMaster R-501 yields exceptional R-values.

  • Benefit – better comfort and energy savings. Reliable HVAC design specifications

  • PolyMaster R-501 is OSHA compliant.

    PolyMaster R-501 is dry when shipped.block-blowing

  • Benefits – one-year shelf life, product always fresh
  • PolyMaster R-501 is a globally green product with no CFC’s.

  • Benefits – biodegradable, dermatologically safe, acceptable worldwide.

  • PolyMaster R-501 is an aminoplast, three part, kiln-dried resin.

  • Benefits – derived from materials that naturally occur in nature.

  • PolyMaster R-501 is a third-generation product.

  • Benefit – 20 years of proven performance and product improvements ensure remarkable value.

  • PolyMaster R-501’s adaptability and reliability ensure quick, clean installation.

  • Benefits – cost effective, minimal site disruption